Gulliver’s Gate Museum in Manhattan Secret New Flooring by ACD

The managers of Gulliver’s Gate were at a loss. They had hired a company to put in new flooring and they had botched the job. Nothing that they agreed upon had been done, and the quality was just not up to standard. Fortunately for them, the manager’s at Gulliver’s Gate  were able to find a backup quick – a flooring company who came strongly recommended, who knew exactly what needed to be done, and how to get it done fast: Atlantic Concrete Design.

The Times Square Museum had a space of approximately 11,000 square feet that needed to updated. There was considerable wear due to high traffic through the main area, and although they had done the best they could to keep it clean and looking good, the floor was just showing its age. It was time for it to get the makeover it deserved.

However, this was no easy job. Gulliver’s Gate presented Atlantic Concrete Design with two strict conditions. First, they would only be able to install the flooring at night. Second, it would have to be dry before the museum opened each day. It would be a challenge, but they had the confidence that it was definitely something that could be done.


The flooring crew coordinated their efforts with the overnight cleaning crew, and set to working. Each night they raced the clock to make sure each layer was down and dry before the first visitors came in the morning. To help the process, they used a special floor to seal the product overnight to make it possible to walk on it the following day.

They labored over the course of five nights, sticking to their promise that they would deliver the finished product in the time they said, despite the strict rules. On the fifth and final night, exhausted but exhilarated by what they were able to accomplish in so little time, they all went out for breakfast. There’s only one place in the world where you can have pizza fresh for breakfast, and at 5AM on the final day, that’s exactly what they did.

Gulliver’s Gate was not only thrilled with the finished product, but a bit surprised that they were able to do it considering all the challenges involved.

“We’re floored!” One manager said, laughing at his unintentional pun.

This had been a great experience all around, and Atlantic Concrete Design added new skills and ideas to their repertoire in the process, confident that if another interesting job came up for them in the future, they would be able to complete it with equal skill and gusto.


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