Trendy Midtown Lunch Spot Gets DuraFlex Floor Lift

When the trendy counter-serve spot for locally sourced salads, stir-fries, and delicious fruit-honey desserts HoneyGrow contacted Atlantic Concrete Design about a unique flooring situation.

The Atlantic Concrete Design crew knew that they were in for an interesting, but achievable, challenge.

With DuraFlex Beneath their Feet, HoneyGrow Customers and Staff are Happier

The employees at HoneyGrow were tired of scrubbing the broken down concrete at the end of long days and they were looking for a seamless DuraFlex floor that would be easy to clean every night. They wanted something that would save them time, freeing up the hours spent mopping all the nooks and crannies to instead focus on crafting healthy products to serve to their hungry customers.

The installers at Atlantic Concrete Design were more than ready for the challenge. They sat down with HoneyGrow to discuss their needs, and figure out a solution which would make the most sense for them in their high-paced environment and a forward-thinking mindset. ACD and HoneyGrow were able to come up with a solution in no time.

HoneyGrow isn’t your ordinary grab-and-go lunch spot. They are a creative organization who care deeply about not just the quality and flavor of the food that they serve, but also about the presentation and design of each and every HoneyGrow around the country, including the midtown location where ACD would be installing the new floors.

Atlantic Concrete Design Recommendations Followed

HoneyGrow ultimately decided on Duraflex fast-top urethane cement, which is a low odor, quick drying, color stable, and stain resistant, making it great for busy restaurant spaces. This was a great choice for Atlantic Concrete Design, as they are one of the few NYC installers certified to use Duraflex Fastop™ urethane cement.

Atlantic Concrete Design always recommends using this top-coat in kitchens, because it preserves the performance and durability of the flooring, keeping the aesthetics of the cement in the presence of caustic food processing chemicals.

The install itself was a smooth operation, despite the fact that the job site had unique hours due to being attached to a residential building. The installers were only able to work during the day, but the Duraflex top coat was well suited to these working conditions. They were able to get in and out in a short period of time so that the day to day business of the restaurant wasn’t too interrupted. Atlantic Concrete Design prides themselves on their ability to lay down floors that businesses can be proud of, even with various time constraints or unusual circumstances.

“They did a great job!” the Midtown NYC HoneyGrow manager said.

The manager was particularly impressed with how the installers were able to extend the floor six inches up the wall. “This is going to be so much easier to clean!” The manager said. 

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