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Epoxy Flooring projects vary greatly depending on the requirements of the business and budget needs. Our epoxy contractors have the experience to come up with the right epoxy flooring system for the right use.

Below are the most popular flooring type for commercial, Industrial and retail epoxy flooring.

Grind and Seal Epoxy Flooring

This is Manhattan's preferred choice of flooring in high rise office floors.

When you want to achieve a natural concrete look with high gloss/satin and highly scratch resistant surface, the grind and seal epoxy floor is the right choice. 

Available in clear and solid colored. What makes our flooring system better than the competition? Our system allows for 2 important factors. First the special epoxy we use allows the concrete to retain it's dry look. When a common 100% solids epoxy is applied direct to the concrete it gives he concrete floor a wet and dark look. It also ends up having many bubbles and outgassing. Our system will keep this concrete looking much lighter without any of the bubbling.

The second factor that sets is apart is we are able to install the floor much faster than expected. Our customers tell us that this is often a key deciding point when choosing to have Atlantic Concrete Designers install and maintain their flooring. Less experienced firms take up to 3 days to apply two coats of epoxy and urethane. Atlantic Concrete Design teams can install the epoxy and the scratch resistant flooring top coat in one day. Learn More Here

High Build Epoxy Flooring

High build epoxy flooring in showroom

This high build epoxy flooring system comes in solid colors of your choice and perfect for a very strong and long lasting system. When looking for a flat as glass epoxy floor, this high build resinous system is it. In retail a space looking for all white floors or warehouse wanting a forklift traffic friendly system, the high build epoxy flooring system is perfect. Learn More Here

Paint Flake Epoxy Flooring

Manhattan Paint Flake Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flakes or chips are for a more decorative flooring type. Perfect for bathrooms, retail stores, office spaces or garage floors. We exclusively install full broadcast paint flake epoxy flooring because of its increased durability and beautiful appearance. The flake epoxy systems not only provide a visual appeal but perfect when functional non slip surfaces are desired. Epoxy floors can be completed over night using fast setting resins, as well as with optional top coats that can be tailored for chemical resistance, high abrasion and more. Learn More Here

Quartz Broadcast Epoxy Flooring

When seeking for brute strength in a floor, most go for a quartz broadcast epoxy flooring system. These epoxy floors are available in 2 styles. Industrial quartz flooring is usually available in raw quartz and coated with solid color epoxy. Then there is decorative quartz epoxy floors which provide the same strength and slip resistance while looking absolutely stunning with different blends of quartz colors. These floors are considered high build systems with 2 layers of quartz, usually reaching over 40mils thickness. Compressive strength exceeding 14,000psi is normal with quartz epoxy floors. 

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring is the most exciting floor in the industry right now and with good reason: It simply looks amazing.

Also known as designer epoxy; these flooring installations are perfect for nightclub floors, front lobby floors, restaurant floors, exciting office space flooring and much more.

Metallic epoxy is perfect when you want to create a certain ambiance with your floor that will set the mood in your environment. While there are many installers emerging in the market, most are not qualified to install designer epoxy floors. From our experience, that comes from years of installation as well as an artistic quality to achieve the desired result.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete floors are the ultimate in green flooring options with lowest cost in maintenance. Polished concrete floors are sanded until they reach a high gloss and reflectivity of light. In return they help light up spaces with less electricity. They provide little to no room for mold and bacterial growth and provide your floor with timeless, minimalist space that lasts a lifetime. Learn more here

Self-Leveled Concrete Flooring

concrete that is self-leveling

Looking for a smoother, more leveled concrete surface for your floor? Let us professionally install self leveling cement in your space. Perfect for really damaged concrete floors that can benefit from a fresh layer of cement. This install is commonly used as a finished sealed floor, as an underlayment for tile or VCT, polished to a shine and as a decoratively stained floor. Learn More Here

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