Epoxy Flooring Contractors for Businesses in NY

The epoxy flooring system is solid and durable. But it needs the right techniques to deliver on performance. Our experienced team will ensure just that.

Epoxy Flooring for Top New York City Establishments

Pouring of high build epoxy flooring in New York City

Epoxy Flooring for Commercial and Industrial Purposes

Our epoxy flooring contractors in NY service commercial and industrial clients. Warehouses, industrial sites, and commercial buildings in Manhattan rely on our professional installation of epoxy floors. Our solutions provide cleaner and safer conditions for their workers, equipment, and inventory.

Hard-wearing, Durable Surfaces for Industrial Applications

Epoxy floorings are a durable, long-term alternative to traditional coatings applied over concrete. Our industrial epoxy floors in NY are durable enough to withstand heavy and continuous traffic. Their chemical-resistant properties also make them a safe surface for manufacturing plants.

Flooring Solutions for Enhanced Visibility

The shiny, high-gloss surfaces of our epoxy floors can brighten up interior areas. This makes them ideal for warehouses and industrial environments. Our experienced epoxy flooring contractors also install floorings in exterior areas of your facility to boost the visibility of your walkways and driveways.

Easy-to-Install Commercial Epoxy Floors

We get the job done on time and within budget. Our team can handle the flooring demands of businesses and install epoxy and scratch resistant floors efficiently so you can return to your business with minimal disruption.

Let’s talk about the details of your epoxy flooring project. Call us today for a free estimate.

What is "High Build" Epoxy Flooring?

High build epoxy flooring is gauged out with squeegee that measures out the thickness of the epoxy.

High build epoxy refers to the thickness of the coating going on your floor. There are thin millage systems and high build (high millage systems).

By installing high build flooring you are now extending the life and strength of your investment. We have seen Brooklyn foot traffic wear down night club flooring in under a year because it was poorly installed.

A high build epoxy floor that is top coated with a good urethane, as a result will easily last the life of the business, especially with the right maintenance. 

High Build Epoxy Flooring Applications

High build epoxy flooring in showroom

Our high build epoxy applications come in three styles. These include:

1. Pigmented or solid color epoxy - We use solid color epoxy floors for businesses in need of chemical and abrasion-resistant flooring systems. We build our pigmented epoxy system, made from industrial-grade epoxies, urethanes, and polyureas, for the toughest applications. They can withstand high-impact environments and contain additives that enhance slip resistance.

We ensure a consistent color match for every project and provide clients with custom color options.

2. Metallic pigment - Our team installs metallic pigment epoxy floors that create iridescent effects. They contain metallic pigment additives for a lustrous floor coating. Our high-performance formula is tough, durable, and ideal for high-traffic areas. Their low odor also makes them suitable for indoor applications.

3. Clear coat epoxy - We apply clear coat epoxy to concrete surfaces for businesses in Manhattan. They are best for indoor use because of its excellent wear, impact, and abrasion resistance. This type of coating creates a nice, semi-glossy finish to your color coat, protecting your color flakes from dirt and other aggregates. It also adds a protective a layer to your floor to shield its underlying base color coat.

Naturally these systems can be placed in anywhere from retail flooring applications, office space flooring, restaurant flooring, nightclub surfaces, and industrial flooring scenarios such as boiler rooms and manufacturing plants.

The Atlantic Concrete Design Advantage

Our concrete flooring company in New York can handle any epoxy flooring job for any establishment, whether your night club needs metallic pigment or your manufacturing plant needs new flooring. Every professional installation is done on time and on budget. With years in the business, we’ve worked with a network of tradesmen, designers, and artisans on every commercial, industrial, and retail project.

Durable Against Heavy Foot Traffic

Our commercial epoxy flooring solutions can withstand heavy traffic. We respond to the challenging demands of the commercial kitchens, breweries, warehouses, restaurants, and more. Epoxy holds up well to forklifts, heavy shelving, foot traffic, and other industrial demands.

Affordable and Low Upkeep Flooring Solutions

As an experienced epoxy cleaning contractor in NY, we provide top-quality concrete flooring treatments on-time and within budget. Before we start with the project, we ensure that your concrete floor is in good condition. Other factors we consider include the type of epoxy, color and pattern, and specialty coatings.

Custom Epoxy Colors and Designs

Our commercial and industrial epoxy concrete floors are available in a variety of colors. You can customize your floor and add protective and design elements, such as anti-slip or stain-resistant properties. We can create patterns and markings to improve traffic and mark different areas at your facility.

Where We Install Floors

Installers of epoxy flooring in New York City and Surrounding Areas including Jersey City

We install high build epoxy flooring in Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Jersey City and surrounding areas.

We are able to quickly service these areas and have had over 10 years of experience maneuvering through these busy city areas which many outsiders decline. Most importantly, Atlantic Concrete Design professionals are licensed and insured to work in New York City and New Jersey. 

Please do no hesitate to contact us for a free estimate.

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