Grind And Seal

Grind and Seal Flooring in NYC

Polished concrete is expensive and time consuming, so in response the New York City market has pushed for the so called grind and seal flooring. Grind and seal refers to the preparation of the of the concrete floor by grinding it to a smooth finish following up by installation of epoxy and urethane coatings.

This process will give you the looks of a polished concrete floor, without having to pay for the long and labor intensive process. What you get is a polished looking floor, in a eighth of the time. Available in satin and high gloss our finishes are extremely scratch resistant to demanding New York City foot traffic.

How Is This Flooring Installed?

The concrete if fully prepared by filling in all cracks and holes in the concrete, by either epoxy or concrete patching. Some opt out to maintain natural look of concrete and leave small cracks untreated, while some require it because of sanitary conditions or personal preference.

The grind and seal flooring is dependent on a tight concrete diamond grind usually a 60-80 grit scratch profile. Concrete is then vacuumed thoroughly before applying a combination of epoxy and urethane to the flooring.

Grind and seals can be installed with a wb epoxy to keep the concrete color light or with 100 percent solids for the wet look. All concrete grind and seal should have a durable top coat of urethane installed for superior scratch resistance.

We would be happy to work with you on your next grind and seal flooring project in Manhattan, NY and New Jersey project. Please contact us for a free estimate.