Paint Flake Flooring

What is Paint Flake Epoxy Flooring?

Also known as decorative vinyl chips, flick or flakes. Paint flakes epoxy flooring s the perfect choice for high traffic commercial and retail areas such as bathrooms, locker rooms and garages. This type of epoxy flooring is perfect for giving you the slip resistance required for public foot traffic while giving you an aesthetically pleasant decorative concrete floor.

We have a wide array of colors to choose from as well as different size paint flakes from 1/16 to 1 inch large. Perfect for matching company or team colors.

Vinyl Chips Flooring Applications

Because of the brute strength and scratch resistance of this type of flake flooring, it is suitable for NYC office spaces, restaurants, kitchens, garage flooring, bathrooms, locker rooms and much more.

Our floor coatings are top coated with highly scratch resistant urethane available in high gloss and satin.

Flake Flooring Installation Process

Atlantic Concrete Design takes pride in professional installations of paint flake epoxy flooring. We follow strict standards in laying down a floor that will last for years and years to come.

We first grind the concrete to create a CSP3-4 profile by using diamond grinding machines. This step will properly remove any debris from the concrete floor, it will flatten the concrete floor and most importantly will mechanically profile the floor to allow for a strong bond for the epoxy to bond to.

If necessary we will install a moisture barrier before laying down epoxy coatings, to prevent hydro-static pressure from penetrating through the floor.

Depending on your installation deadlines, we can install a 1 day polyaspartic flake flooring system; otherwise we will install the second base coating of epoxy in a color that will match the paint flakes perfectly.

We then do a full broadcast of epoxy flakes that will completely cover the epoxy floor. We follow up with a scraping and vacuuming of excess flakes.

The floor is then top coated with a combination of high solids epoxy and urethane top coat for superior performance.