Polished Concrete


Polished concrete flooring is the mechanical refinement of the concrete surface to its purest form with diamond abrasives. The result is a beautiful, durable and efficient surface which eliminates the need for carpets or tile that require expensive replacement, maintenance and use of harsh cleaning chemicals.

Concrete at it’s purest form, manicured and sealed to last! This system can also be stained with a UV stable concrete dye or acid stain prior to sealing the surface. Final concrete sealers come in gloss, satin, matte or flat finishes.

Diamond abrasives are used to refine the surface, removing the microscopic peaks and valleys during the process. With the application of a densifier, which reacts within the concrete, this creates a surface with increased reflectivity, wear resistance, and ease of maintenance.

Each diamond tool is designed to not only remove scratches from previous grits, but to completely refine the surface to it’s maximum refinement. We have a fleet of concrete polishing equipment with HEPA dust collection systems to make this process possible