Self Leveling

Self Leveling Contractor in Manhattan

Interested in self leveled flooring in NYC? Worried about your uneven and wavy concrete? You might have heard the term “self-leveling” concrete… We offer a self leveling concrete overlayment & there is a underlayment.

Self-leveling concrete is rapid curing polymer-modified cement that reaches compressive strengths similar to or exceeding conventional concrete. These special concrete formulations can help us provide a flat and smooth or laser level floor in the quickest time possible. These specialty concrete systems can be successfully poured over concrete, tile, wood and even over asbestos.

There are 2 ways to apply self-leveling concrete:

  • Flat and smooth – by using a gauge rake set at a particular height.

  • Laser level – by using a gas meter and pinning the floor, exact height can be achieved

An underlayment sits between the structural sub-floor and the final flooring material. Underlayments absorb the roughness and imperfections of sub-floors so the final flooring material can be installed on top of a smooth, flat, hard surface. Underlayments are usually specified prior to any hard surface, such as wood floors, vinyl, tile and marble.

Self-leveling concrete underlayment's typically cure from 3000 – 4000 psi. This type of self-leveling concrete is not meant to become a finished surface; doing so will cause poor performance, such as denting and premature wearing due to its low compressive strengths.

Concrete Overlayments, however, are developed to be a finished surface due to their high strength and fast curing. These self-leveling concretes typically cure from 5,000 – 10,000 psi. These specialty concretes can receive integral color, topical stains, saw cuts, epoxy or even be mechanically polished, depending on the formulation.